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Fun is also a Certified Fitness Trainer through ISSA since 2015 and certified in CPR/AED from the American Heart Association.

Fun's aha! moment came to her when she was invited to a vendor dinner.  She wished it was an active event versus an indulgent meal.  Between work and travel, she had no time to exercise and started to gain weight.  

Fast forward to today, Fun combined both her passions of event planning and fitness. She developed a series of health and wellness programs for your clients and audience.  Fun wants to share her knowledge with your audience.  Discover why Health and wellness programs are important for people to feel good, healthy and stay connected.


Fun will travel to where you host your program.  Programs will be tailored to your audiences' fitness level and interest.

Sample audiences & programs

Format:  1.5 hour to 3 hour half day 

A.  AUDIENCE:  Relationship building: Incentive, Internal-external teams, client and employee appreciation, sales/marketing end client



How many logo pens, notepads, mouse pads… can a person use? The industry standard has shifted from hospitality to providing experiences. 


Give them a happy place

People want to feel good, healthy and connected. After any physical activity, they will feel more exhilarated and invigorated.  Endorphins are naturally released during activity/exercise; they are a natural "mood enhancer."  This makes building a relationship with your client / team effortless.



B.  AUDIENCE:  Companion, pre-post conference activity



As an events planner, I was tired of offering the same-old city bus tour or sushi-making class. Many of the activities I booked were often cancelled due to lack of interest. And it was true, these offerings weren’t exciting or fresh.


Have them spend time doing something good for the heart and mind. Be a star in their eyes as you offer an active experience or a new activity they never tried.


Take your event to the next level. Your clients/team will thank you.

We offer registration, set up, full coordination and insurance.  List of activities, click here.


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